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The Berwick Broadcasting Corporation

The Home Service Ep 1

In 2020, during the Covid 19 pandemic, the group began making a series of special audio recordings called 'The Berwick Broadcasting Corporation Home Service'. Recorded during lockdown and released on streaming/download service. Bandcamp with money raised going towards The Maltings Theatre Recovery Fund.

The show is set to run for six 40 minute episodes that will be released monthly. An hour long pilot episode was released free to stream on YouTube and can be heard by clicking on the video box below:


The Berwick Broadcasting Corporation was a monthly scripted comedy show running from 2009-2013 at The Maltings Theatre. Since then, the show has gone on to perform a series of one-off specials.

The show took the worst ideals of the 1940's (subjugation of women in media and art, racism, homophobia, rampant nationalism) that are still oddly prevalent in modern media and society, and grafted them into they style of a post WW2 style radio broadcast. Everything from slightly exaggeration of existing scripts from the period to adapting modern films into that style to just wholesale making it up.

Popular features included 'Peter Meliah's Thought For The Day', an awful long-running soap that definitely IS NOT The Archers and the comically dry culture show 'Stephen Noake's Artshole'.

Main stories and these segments were broken up by advertisements (some specially created and some shocking examples from the period), local news and weather and clips from programmes "still to come" including a horrifying late night drama serial entitled "The Only Way Is Eastcliffe" which took aspects of the regional dialect used in creatively combative ways and presented them in but-class R.P.

They are set to make their live return with a Berwick-based reimagining of Dylan Thomas' Under Milk Wood using the local dialect to inflect the dialogue as opposed to the original Welsh. The show entitled 'Into The Goodie Patchy" was due to be performed in October 2020 but has been postponed until after the global pandemic.

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