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The Tideline Runners:
In Person.

Karen Page

Karen Page: Costume designer. She has been dressing our actors since The Words In The Wires (2013)

Chloe Smith

Chloe Smith - Choreographer for Sam & Isla Forever (including the incendiary work in the trenches) and 72Hrs In Moscow.

Daniel Lee Cox

Daniel Lee Cox - Has been instrumental in marketing design (including some incredible posters), directing our early short films and now booking us into The Maltings Theatre and looking after us like royalty.

Jennifer Wood

Jennifer Wood - Providing costumes and set dressing from all the way back to Words In The Wires. Why Henry Is SO Weird is going to be her biggest challenge yet with some of the props being costumes (No spoilers)

Slink Jadranko

Slink Jadranko has created some masterful short films for TLR with the beautifully cinematic Sports Day being a real highlight. His photography has also captured some real theatrical magic including our 'Henry' images.

Steven Percy

Steven Percy was our go-to Technical Manager for all of our shows. Creating some of the greatest lighting and sound designs we have ever seen.

Georgia May Cross

Georgia May Cross - Has taken some wonderful photographs of our productions from Words In The Wires to 72Hrs In Moscow.

Jimmy Manningham

Jimmy Manningham has been a total tech hero with our large scale community work. Sam & Isla and 72Hrs in Moscow had insane levels of sound design. God-tier sound engineer.

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